About the blog

cropped-image.jpgWelcome to my blog. Please have a read, find something to “Like” and leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think. It is nothing more than a blog about my ramblings both mentally and physically. For a long while now, I have wanted to get back in to the habit of writing. I have a love of books and local history and like nothing better than wandering about in London. I am a Music and Performing Arts teacher working with primary aged children but you get to the stage in life when you feel there must be more to yourself. I have the sort of mind that can’t remember if I’ve locked the front door but can remember obscure facts that fascinate me. When a friend recommended that I join the Barbican Library for its fantastic music department, I decided to start this blog and write about my visits. A sort of secret shopper for the library. There are no rules, but a pattern has begun to emerge. I seem to write a post on the day of my visits. This might be about the Library itself or the rest of the days rambling around London. I love The Barbican area Holborn and Clerkenwell and have so much still to discover. I then write something connected with something I have borrowed from the Library. This is where we can go off at a tangent. Everything is something that has interested me or that has stirred up a memory.

I have been greatly influenced by the blog Spitalfields life by The Gentle Author (http://spitalfieldslife.com/). It is of no surprise to find that things I thought I had discovered in London appear on the Spitalfields Life Blog. It has certainly taught me to look around London and discover new areas.

I have also been influenced by the “As they Slept” books by Andy Leeks which I have  on Kindle. I like the way he observes life on his commutes to work and if I can write half as well as him I’ll be ok. The detail’s are here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Andy-Leeks/e/B00APQEL6I/ref=pd_sim_kinc_bl_2?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=13RSJ83G0AWY8SVKAPXT

I’m not expecting anything, but I hope that people will find something of interest here. I would love to hear from anyone at the Barbican Estate who would like to invite me for afternoon tea. And I’d love to hear from the staff at the magnificent Barbican Library. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to send you the link.

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