Drawing, Sci-fi and keeping cool

The Train ride is uneventful. Still no sign of new trains on the Enfield Overground. I see a notices around Barbican about the Clean air act and how walking along the high level walkway is better for my health. Its certainly more scenic. The planting looks lovely.

Its a glorious day. Glorious for being cooler. Normally I arrive at the Barbarian Library and have to dodge the rain. This week, London has been too hot. Up in the thirties. Lovely if you do not have to work. Today is fresher outside, although the Barbican centre is still warm. Windows are open into the offices allowing us to eavesdrop on theatrical discussions about upcoming productions.

I’m in a different department today. Art. I’ve decided to draw. I won’t tell you the result of my O level Art exam. Suffice it to say that I didn’t pass. But that was along time ago. I’ve bought the pencils and sketch pad. All I need now is some talent. As usual, the Barbican has an excellent selection of books and I’ve borrowed Learn To Draw Quickly by Sharon Finmark. Her book didn’t frighten me too much and I feel I could follow some of the examples. The thing I’ve learned the most is how important it is to look carefully at the thing you are drawing. Sounds obvious, but its amazing how much you watch your hand and the pencil rather than the thing you are drawing. Maybe one day, when I’m feeling brave enough, I’ll post some of the results on here.

There is an exhibition on in the Library about Science fiction with some fantastic artifacts on show. Books. Toys. Just another of the things I like about this Library. Someone seems interested. People want to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm. Its still a Library about books. And that’s the reason. I travel up from Enfield just to borrow some books.


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