Its been a long time.

Well this is daring. I’ve logged in. You might not notice any difference, but this is not on my iPad as usual. I’m on the computers in the library. Logged in Free of charge. And you don’t even need to book. If only all libraries could be like this.

If you are wondering where I’ve been, the last two trips were to Shoe Lane. Sometimes I like to visit the subterranean world unlike no other Library I know. On my first visit, there was a talking book sale. I book several Audio book sets for a pound each including “The Boy with the Top Knot” by  Sathnam Sanghera. I had read this book when it was first written but have to say I enjoyed it even more being read to me.

The next time I visited Shoe Lane, It had been revamped. It was reminiscent of a Habitat store and I dozed on a Leather Sofa. I think the boilers had been refurbished two as it was unbearably hot. This only added to my belief that the lift had journeyed down to the centre of the earth.

My trip up here was uneventful.

There’s to be a new timetable on the Enfield Line, but don’t get excited. The day time trains are still only two an hour. And the ties haven’t changed.

I’ve just committed the worst sin. My mobile has just rung. Loudly. All week, it has rung silently (if that isn’t an oxymoron.) and last night I finally found out what i’d done and got it ringing loudly. And its on the default ring tone too.

Its my mum. Wanting flowers dropped in. There is a man who lived near her that has an identical car to mine. Sometimes she thinks I’ve parked near by and sneaked off somewhere.

Well I’m sneaking off now. There’s a man yawning very loudly near by and its catching.


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