Veg box and a trip in the dark.

imageIt’s the 19th February. I’ve tried to be healthy since I last wrote. Not that writing this blog is particularly unhealthy. Nor my jaunts around London, unless you look closely at my trips to the Golden Arches. I’m signed up with Abel and Cole for a fruit and Veg box each week. This morning, I woke to the sound of my box being delivered to my front door. Chinese Leaf and a Papaya fruit will give me something to look up while I’m here.

The train ride from Enfield is uneventful. The couple of stops on the Met line too.

A young boy talks to his mum while he sucks on a lolly. She’s texting.

“Is it night now?” says the boy

“No, it’s morning” says the mum

“why is it getting dark?” says the boy

“We’re underground” says the mum.

He doesn’t look convinced. She doesn’t look up from her

I’m in the Library. It’s quiet. Very Quiet. I’m surprised since its half term. I’m sitting here just watching the world go by. No energy today. I’ve had a week off yet a cold that keeps coming back seems to have zapped the strength out of me. You can see why I need that Veg Box.


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