It’s earlier. I’ve already taken my Dad to Lidl to buy provisions for his birthday party and got myself up here on the Hammersmith and City. Ther baubles have gone on the platform until next year!

The computer system has been changed and is having “a few teething problems.” I thought I was going mad when I couldn’t log in to check my books.

The Library is noisy. I notice with dread that both buggy parks are full of buggys…. And push chairs. There are babies crying and someone is plonking about on the piano down stairs. I won’t be staying too long. A couple are talking very loudly to each out her and I have a growing desire to shout “SHHHHHHH” Perfhaps I’m getting grumpy in my old age. The buggys are leaving. Toddlers are crying and parents talk in a different language. Their tone tells me all I need to know. It’s Winter, it’s wet and every one seems miserable.

The couple are telling each other their life stories. If I could type quicker, I’d write it all down. Like those people in the courts, writing up the cases. Now someone behind me is getting up the baby’s wind. I think I’m in the breast feeding section. Time to move on I think. I’m making a mental note to keep to my slightly later time on a Friday. It’s not as stressful.

I’m not sure what to get from the Library today. I’m thinking that another audio book will be good. If I am going to spend an hour each way travelling to work I might as well use it productively. Again, there is such a choice.

Ive left the Barbican with an audio cd of Arthur C Clarke short stories and a couple of London books. I’m walking through Clarkenwell and I’m surprised by how little I’ve seen. I’m crossing Hatton Gardens and there are quite a few shows offering to buy my gold so I’m guessing it’s THE Hatton Gardens ben though I had no idea they came to here.

At the TES building I reflect on how different times are. The newspaper, once a staple of staff rooms everywhere now appears to be a magazine. I’m guessing the jobs section, eagerly awaited by teachers everywhere planning their escape,is now only accessible online. Not quite the same. Or perhaps most teachers are looking for jobs out of the education sector.

Ive come across a waiting room in an office block which is showing the Parliamentary Channel ┬áto keep people interested. I can’t belive that anyone would want to watch while waiting for an appointment. I’m walking round the corner. The building houses the Society of Anethsetists. Some how it all makes sense.