A Nephew tags along

It’s the 23rd October.
Today I have an accomplice so I’ll keep it brief. My Nephew has escaped accompanying his mother to the dentist and instead is accompanying me. Its a good excuse to check out the Children’s Library. We are on a mission to get a song by Flanders and Swan.
In the music Library we hunt the shelves but can’t find it. My Nephew is amazed that there are so many music books.
“How are we ever going to find it?” he asks.
I ask and assistant. She offers to find it on the shelf for us.
“He was asking me how we were ever going to find it” I tell her.
She then shows him how the Dewey System works on the side of the books.
“Wow” he says, sounding suitably impressed even if he wasn’t.

The Children’s Library is Ok and we have a look round. My Nephew isn’t in the mood for borrowing books so we move quickly on.

Outside we come to the Barbican Greengrocers and Fruiterers. There are pink heathers outside and we buy one. My Nephew pays with the £5 note I give him and then he suspects, correctly, it is the one his Mum gave him to get lunch with. The fact I will pay on my card doesn’t seem to calm him. He offers to carry the bag. It was his note. He will hold it ransom until I pay up.

Its a long way to walk to Holborn when you are eight so we find a bus stop and catch the Boris Bus. It is packed. My Nephew offers a seat to an old Lady who is very appreciative. She thanks him personally as she gets off and offers him it back. She can see the pain in my eyes from his boney bum on my lap.

He is rhythmically shaking the heather in its bag. The drumming lessons are paying off.

We browse the shops and then head for home. His mother has been to the dentist and is now having coffee at Costa in the Highams Park Tesco. Lets just say, I won’t rush to visit that Tesco again.


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