A Ghost Train

It’s Friday 13th November. I hope you are feeling brave.

The weather promised to be warm and sunny when I looked out of the curtains, but now there is a cold wind and it is drizzling with rain. I blow along the road to South Woodford station and tap in to the platform.

“The next train is not in service” it anounces on the board.

From the distance, a train pulls along. People on the platform get up and move to the edge to get on. It doesn’t stop. It said it wouldn’t. The driver and his mate smile knowingly to each other. It probably happened at the last staion. There is something different about this train. It sounds different. Sounds from my childhood. It isn’t a usual central line train. It is one of the Silver Trains being used as an engineers train. I’m smiling listening to the sound, quite unlike the wailing and whining the trains make now. Theres a knock Knock sound as it pulls along further. Magic.

I’m watching it disappear in to the distance. Why didn’t I take a photo? Perhaps we will catch it up. We can’t, we are on a track.

We’ve been held at a signal outside Leytonstone. “There’s and Engineers train in Platform Two” the driver anounces over the intercom. We might catch it up in the other platform. I hear a noise and look ot of the window. It’s the engineers train going back the way it came. Perhaps it forgot something. Perhaps it has a little run out every so often to keep its hand in.

Stratford is busier because of the few minutes hold up in the service. The station seems unable to cope with any changes to the plan.

I’m at Mle end where I change trains. The announcement tells me it is a Hammersmith and City Train, but a District Line Train pulls in. Such fun.

I’m not in the Library for long. I love the Cd’s and find one about Predicting the weather with a coffe cup. Sounds different. Something for the car.

As I leave the library, the sky darkens. I haven’t brought and umberella. You would have thought i’d hav learnt by now. I’m walking along Grays Inn Road and the sky is now seriously dark. Its like night.

The storm has hit. Swirling rain soaks me in all directions. I try and pretend its not that bad and walk a little faster. Now its hail stones. I try putting a carrier bag on my head but it doesn’t do much. My skinny jeans are going see through.

I’ve taken refuge in the door way of an up matket solicitors. I’m staying dry except when the wind swirls in the direction to blow it all at me. I’m trying to memories the name of the solicitors to write here. It obviously didn’t work.

The rain has subsided and I’m on my way. Don’t think I’ll stay up here long. I discover Costa Coffee has gone from the Waterstones near London University. So has the bargain book section. A new Waterstones Coffe shop is being built. Can’t say I’m hopeful. And the Costa in Goodge Street is also closed while they construct a new type of Costa with better food options. Sounds expensive. Bet the students aren’t happy.


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