Withdrawal Symptoms

I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I couldn’t go!

Last Friday would have been a trip to the Barbican day but I had to wait in for a Washing Machine and so that was that. You’ll be pleased to know its all installed and that I’ll be clean on my trips from now on. I know what you are thinking. Why not drop in a Bag Wash to the Barbican Laundrette? (or Laundry- ette as my East End family would say) After all, its soft water would ensure a lovely finish, even if drying times have been reduced due to climate change. It could have saved the price of the new Bosch, but its too much to carry on the tube. I’ll have to remain a spectator as I pass by.

So it will be this Friday that I visit. It’s the first time its gone three weeks before taking my books back. And for the first time, I had a music score that I’d borrowed before. I’ve been busy in the weeks so far. I’ve played through the Smike Score with the record. Its funny how the keys change depending on the singer I suppose. Fortunately, the Clavinova has a transpose button and a quick press means I can follow the music (which I do from time to time) and still be in tune with the record. The more I play the music, the more the memories come back from the St Edwards School performance. I’d love to be putting it on now.

I’ve also been doing some research and thinking of some other things to look out for on my travels so there will be plenty to look at in days to come. I’ve had some nice comments from several friends who have read the blog for the first time. And I’ve watched a view videos about WordPress that have made things clearer and hopefully will improve the look and layout of the site.

You can always help me further by commenting on what you read, asking questions and giving me suggestions for things to research and look out for. And of course, you can help by sharing the link to the site.

I’m reading up about Packing case Makers now. Maybe a change of career?


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