Smike. The Musical: On Vinyl

smikeIn my post A Teacake in the Music Aisle you may have noticed that I borrowed the score of the musical Smike, assuming you read that far and was not bored into submission. It was written by Roger Holman and Simon May with the book my Simon May and Clive Barnett. Well I’ve been looking on eBay for a recording and I last I have one. It was quite expensive considering it has its original price label of £1.99 ex Vat but it is in excellent condition and, being quite rare is a good deal. I opted for the 1983 recording as it is more complete than the original BBC cast one and gives a better idea of the music of the stage show that we put on at school. The show starts in the present with the school children taking characters to put on a show of Nicholas Nickleby. By the end, they have all learned something about themselves as well as their Dickens.

Recently, I was watching a DVD of Crossroads. The episode where Meg Richardson, played by Noele Gordon, marries Hugh Mortimer, has Stephanie de Sykes singing “We’ll find our Day” and at the time I thought it was very familiar. Now I remember it was from Smike.


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