Underground London and a Holborn Fire

Udergroundlondon bookIt’s Wednesday 1st April and I’ve avoided April Fools so far. The Library seems busier on a Wednesday. I’ve had a chat with the Music Library Librarian who has shown me the small selection of books about Music Teaching in school. She informs me it is an area they Library would like to develop further. Good quality books for teaching Primary School Music are thin on the ground.

I’ve borrowed a copy of “Free as Air” by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds who were better known for “Salad Days” I’ve only seen this show once. An Amateur production at the Lloyd Park Pavilion in Walthamstow, which I hear sadly is no longer. I love the CD of the Original London Cast apart from one of the main characters who, to me, sounds slightly off Key.

Sometimes a book seems to jump out at you. Today, in the London Collection, I found a copy of “Underground London” by John Hollingshead. This subject fascinates me and I several books of my own. There is a lot about the sewers and the romantic notion that Blaggards and other rascals might be hiding in there. The book then goes to show it is not true. The Underground Railway section is rather short. But then a quick google to decipher the Roman Numeral on the front page show me the book is from 1862. I take my hat of to The Barbican Library for trusting me with such treasure. I’m also impressed to see that the book was originally in London and County Bank’s Library which is now part of the Nat West. I wonder if banks still have libraries for the staff. Perhaps that’s where we are going wrong.

Why should this book be more relevent to today? I’m now sitting having some lunch at Holborn having just passed an amazing butchers in Clerkenwell Road. Having a quick tweet on twitter, I’m informed that there is a major fire under the road, round in Kingsway. I wonder if there is anything in the book that might help. Perhaps I should nip round for a quick word with the chief fire officer. Actually, I want a new pair of Converse, so i’m off out of the way before anything happens.


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