A tea cake in the music aisle.

Saturday 14th March and I’m back again. Not sure if I should have eaten something first as I’ve been at a school open day and now feel a little light headed. Don’t want to run out of time for browsing before last stampings at the checkout. A nice lady had a chat with me as I returned my books. I asked if I needed to take my music score back to the Music Library department. “Everyone is different” she pointed out and I discovered she could easily check them in for me if I wasn’t going down there, but that as I was, taking them down would help her out. Amongst the music score I found “Smike” based freely on the story of Nicholas Nicklby with music by Tony Hatch. My memories are from when we put on this show at school in the 80’s. Rumours abound this production. It was said that one teacher, who was eccentric to say the least, got a coffin on the 86 routemaster, but this seemed rather far-fetched. She certainly took her role as props mistress seriously. It was also said that she mixed up her own version of Brimstone and Treacle to get a more authentic reaction when the children took a spoonful!

The book London Ghosts by HV Morton from the London collection didn’t quite live up to the title. No ghost stories here. Rather cleverly it is about jobs occupations and characters that Morton has seen disappear from London. And that is in the 1930’s

By home time it had been a little too much for some. One young man was snoring soundly in the periodicals, his laptop on screen saver. In the music scores, one young lady is surreptitiously eating a Tunnocks Tea Cake. Now there’s an Olympic legacy for you.


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